Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 188

Tips for level 188 Dreamworld
Jelly level with only 25 moves to clear the double layer jelly.
There is no jelly under the cream or chocolate, but some handy stripe/wrap combos are sitting down there below the chocolate line.
Moonstruck is on move 3 and the last two moves are in moonstruck mode.
Video below


Anonymous said...

You can only use at most 2 of the embedded stripe/wrap combos. Release one pair from the ice and set it off. That will remove the ice from the others so you can set another pair off. Since setting off 2 of these will remove all the others, try to set off the leftmost and rightmost pair. The edges are the hardest to reach otherwise.

Generally a pretty easy level - just watch out for Odus.


Anonymous said...

Another useless no-skill level. Many times you have only one move - which is useless or will tip Odus.