Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 189

Tips for level 189 Dreamworld
Ingredients level with 30 moves to get the 6 ingredients down.
Sounds easy, but the shape of the board, in 3 narrow sections, make building combos quite difficult.
There is a stripe/wrap combo provided at the bottom of the board which will help to get the first ingredients down, but once that's gone you're on your own.

Try to work in the bottom section if you can but this is one of those boards where you often have no choice of moves.. 
Moonstruck is on move 18 with a second on move 4

Only one move in moonstruck mode.
Video below.


Anonymous said...

I found this to be easier than it looks. My biggest problem is that Odus is very sensitive in this level. Making vertical stripes is key but they kept knocking the stupid tipsy owl off his perch. After a couple of tries I got a board where I could keep him balanced and the rest was easy.

donG said...

Finished on move 4 and then froze!!! Really irritating!

Anonymous said...

Game freezes just as you win. Happened twice now.