Candy Crush Dreamworld level 187

Tips for level 187 Dreamworld
Ingredient level with  35 moves to get 5 ingredients down.
There are chocolate machines at both sides but you do get 6 wraps to help you, which are in ice to begin with and surrounded by cream.
Keep your eye on the chocolate but it shouldn't worry you too much as you clear a way through the cream.
Moonstruck is on move 21 but only one move with a second on move 5.
Video below.
Tips from Nyita
okay I just got there and this level is not as bad as it looks, you gotta make combos but know that the darn owl will mess you up 8 out of 10 times. She's always unhappy about something so be ready to lose lol. You should try wrapped+wrapped. You get some wrapped already there but it is easy to make more, you need to clear the meringue and safe moves won't do it. So you got to go kamikaze on those blocks. It is a tricky level, try to do most of the exploding during moonstruck if possible. Don't make big moves with the balance colors, and keep an eye on the chocolate too


Anonymous said...

Pfeeew, this is a tough one!

Odus falls quite easily from it's perch, so you really need to focus on the 2 colours to keep him in balance. This is not easy as there is always one colour over presented in te board compared to the other one.

A fun level that you can pass, but it will probably take you a while.

Combo's fall all the time, and cascades will kick Odus from it's perch...

Don't worry to much about the chocolate, but keep in mind that the fruit is always coming down on both sides of the board. So work on both sides.

Oh yes, don't forget: you basically have a problem when you have the fruit in the middle row above the chocolate machine!

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

My least favorite part of Candy Crush has now appeared in Dreamworld! I hate when the ingredients get stuck on top of the chocolate machine and I have to wait for a match that allows me to move them back over! UGH Seems to happen quite often on this level. Sigh If you can get all the ingredients down near the bottom and match two wrapped candies, you'll just have one more ingredient. That's happened to me a couple of times, though I haven't passed the level yet.

Joni said...

Just beat it. Took a day and many tries. Hated this level because Odus is so unstable, but got the lucky board.

Anonymous said...

Wrapped candies do best at busting through the cream, and if you can get a wrapped/wrapped combo that will clear a lot of space. Odus is shaky, and the tricky part is that invariably a fruit will come down right over the chocolate factory. For some reason on this level I didn't find it as hard to move them over a column when I had to than on some other levels.