Welcome to DREAMWORLD!

Introducing Dreamworld! 
A new land in the Candy Crush Saga! 
Available to anyone who has passed level 50 in the original saga, to access Dreamworld simply click on Odus the owl and he will take you into this fascinating new world.

Here's how to play in Dreamworld.
Once in Dreamworld your task is to keep Odus sitting on his perch by balancing the moon underneath.
Each side of the moon Odus sits on is a coloured candy, match too many of one and he will overbalance and fall off and the game is over.

At the same time as keeping Odus on his perch you need to complete the tasks as in the normal game, clear jelly, collect ingredients etc.

As you match candies the moon Odus sits on fills up with yellow, when it is completely full the board will become MOONSTRUCK! 

When this happens either one or two colours will be removed from the board giving you a chance to make big scoring combos for a few moves until Odus flies back to his perch.
The number of moves in the moonstruck phase depends on the level you are playing. 
In some levels you only get one move but in others there could be more up to a maximum of ten.

The number of moonstruck moves is always the same on each level and always happens on the same move.

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 517

Hints and tips for level 517 Dreamworld
You need to collect four ingredients in 30 moves.
There is no need to clear all the cream blockers, but they will probably be partly cleared as you work on clearing the way for the ingredients down the middle.
There are 3 moonstruck phases.
Moonstruck is on move 26, 16 and 6 and there are 5 moves in each so use you most powerful combos during those moves.
As you get one ingredient down the next will appear, so the sooner you get each one cleared the sooner you will complete the level.
Video below by Jazz

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 516

Hints and tips for level 516 Dreamworld.
Level 516 has 3 moonstrucks, the first is on move 36, the second is on move 21 and the third, if you get that far, is on move 6.
There are 5 moves in each moonstruck, so use your most powerful combos during the moonstruck phases.
Wrapped candies are most effective against the licorice, especially if you switch 2 together near the diagonal join between the 2 halves of the board.
Video below by Jazz