Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 184

Tips for level 184 Dreamworld
25 moves to remove all the jelly.
All the jelly is inside the chocolate machine walls so could be covered by chocolate after every move.
The chocolate doesn't start to grow until you've made 2 moves but then it will quickly take over if you let it.
There are also cream blockers in the middle to make things more difficult.
The best way to get the jelly is with stripes and stripe/wrap combos, but be very careful to count the numbers of moon colours on the board to make sure they're fairly even before you use any powerful combo.
Moonstruck is on move 6 and the last 5 moves are free of Odus.

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Anonymous said...

Color bombs help if you can make them. Normally after making one I'd hold off for a couple of moves to try to get it next to a stripe or a wrap, but on this level I chose to use it right away on a color that had a couple of candies inside the jelly area. This helps get rid of cream and keeps the chocolate under control.

Put wraps or stripes in the corners next to the chocolate factories if possible so that when you clear some of the candies inside they'll drop in - they can do more damage in there.