Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 183

Tips for level 183 Dreamworld
The jelly to remove is in the two locked cells top left and right of the board.
The only sure way to get to them is with colour bombs.
You may be lucky and get a horizontal stripe in the top row which will hit them, but it's much easier to make colour bombs and use them either alone or combined with a striped candy.
If you use a stripe/wrap combo try to have the stripe the same colour as one of the locked candies or make sure you have at least 2 candies the same colour as the stripe in the top row to give you a chance of hitting the locked cells.
Good level to practise making colour bombs.
Moonstruck is on move 11 and you get 5 moves, so not a difficult level if you can manage to keep Odus balanced.

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Anonymous said...

Well this is a load of old crap. Completed the level twice, frozen twice. Both times I've completed the level on move 11 then it goes to moonstruck and gets stuck. Might be an omen.

Samantha McCormick Midwife said...

If you are lucky, both trapped candies are the same color and the 2 moonstrucks take them out.

Lisa said...

All luck. I was able to make a chocolate bomb and both my candies were the same color so I was able to unlock them. Then the moonstruck happened to take out the same color and I won the level first try...all LUCK!