Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 169

Tips for level 169 Dreamworld
For this you need to switch 2 stripes together once.
Switch a stripe and a wrap once.
Switch a stripe and colour bomb once.
Try to make the stripe/stripe combo and stripe/wrap combo first if you can, as theyu will destroy less cream than the colour bomb/stripe combo and will keep more of the chocolate factories covered.
Move 11 is when you get moonstruck so that's a good time to switch your colour bomb and stripe.
You only get one move in moonstruck so make the most of it. 
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Anonymous said...

It's kind of the same all the time: luck, luck, luck.

My strategy is to break down as much as cream as possible so the board is getting as big as possible. There are not to many colours in the board, so many cascades fall and stripes and wrapped fall or can be combined relatively easy. At Moonstruck often a colour bomd as in the board or can be made easily after the Moonstruck.

Anyone who has come this far will pass this level quite easily, and it is much easier than 168.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

I found this a little tricky because often the moonstruck would come along and explode the stripes and wraps that I was trying to set up that were still a move or two away.

My strategy was to not worry about unleashing the chocolate. I went straight for the sides to give myself a bigger area to work with to make the wraps and stripes.


Anonymous said...

I found level 168 easy getting over 1,000,000 on the first try. This one? EXTREMELY DIFFICULT! There is no easy way to create color bombs and wraps.

Anonymous said...

I thought 168 was hard and 169 is harder. Not enough moves and too much chocolate. And I don't know what you mean by not very many colors. I have all of them. Just waiting for more of real candy crush. I detest Dreamworld.

Anonymous said...

I just passed 169 FINALLY. When I went back to it to play the next level it told me I failed. I didn't. Thanks a lot King. Dreamworld is boring as hell. I'm done I think.