Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 168

Tips for level 168 Dreamworld
There is jelly under all the cream blocks and locked candies.
The first priority is to get rid of the bombs, if you don't you won't get far!
Then use stripes and stripe/wrap combos to unlock the locked candies and clear the cream.
Moonstruck is on move 6 and you get 3 moves to clear as much as you can.. Colour bomb/stripe combos will do most damage and are no too difficult to make as there are few colours after moonstruck.
Video below.
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Anonymous said...

A real pain in the ass level, this 168, purely based on luck and nothing else but a whole lot of luck.

I have been stuck for over a week on this level. Odus is very instable in this level, a difference of 6 will let him fall of his perch. Quite often cascades are falling when you work on the bottom. Also, the bombs are not making it easier. On top of that the chocolate machine... pfffew!

I remembered the level from 'the real world', and back than it already was difficult to beat.

In one of my last attempts I had 3 colour bombs, but there was no combination with a stripe possible:-( so, again I was not successfull.

I beat the level having a lot of luck because again I had 2 colour bombs after Moonstruck. With not to many jelly left, I could eliminate 2 colours in 2 moves using the colour bombs: wrapped candies that kept on falling cleared the entire board.

The most difficult one is the jelly on the top left corner, so whenever you have the chance: work on that one.

Furthermore my only serious advice is to make sure you have as many wrapped/sripes and colour bombs at move 6.

Good luck from the Netherlands!
You'll need it...)

Anonymous said...

Frustrating level. Most of my lives I didn't even make it to the moonstruck. I did finally pass, but it took a nice chain reaction of wraps on the moonstruck to create more wraps, stripes, and color bombs that finally did the trick.

Anonymous said...

If I was ok player on the other side (beat the 604, waiting on new level) then why am I stuck on this one 168 for over a month!? Yup, I'm stuck here for 1 1/2 month :(