Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 170

Tips for level 170 Dreamworld
Jelly level with plenty of Chocolate factories.
Only 5 colours on the board so stripes, wraps and colour bombs easy to make, but also fire off easily and unseat Odus!
Moonstruck is on move 6 and the last 5 moves are in moonstruck mode so use all the powerful combos you can make then.
Video below
Video By Cookie.
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Anonymous said...

As said by the moderator, Cookie, plenty of combos will appear in the board. Try to save as many as possible for Moonstruck.

As indicated, Moonstruck is 5 levels, so anyone who has come this far will beat this level easily.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

This one was easy compared to the previous 2. With all the combos to be made, the chocolate wasn't an issue at all.