Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 155

Tips for level 155 Dreamworld
This level needs a lot of luck at the beginning. 
Your moves are very restricted and often there is only one move available. If this move is the one that tips Odus it's game over.
However, with luck and a good moonstruck on move 11 very high scores are possible on this level, over a million is common. You get 5 moves in moonstruck mode so plenty of chances to make specials and combos.
Video below.
Video By Cookie.
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Anonymous said...

This is another one that can be frustrating because early on there's often only one possible move and it's a color that knocks Odus off his perch.

The sooner you can clear out the sides the better. Once the sides are clear, it's easy to make stripes, wraps, and combos, which will clear out all the jelly. But that's only if you get a decent board to start with.