Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 154

Tips for level 154 Dreamworld
There are only 4 jelly blocks on this level and they are hidden under the chocolate.
The only way to get them is to blast your way througth the cream and destroy the chocolate.
Horozontal stripes work if you can get them down the sides, but I found just plugging away wherever possible to clear cream works. 
Moonstruck is on move 23 and move 3 and you get two moves in moonstruck mode.
Be careful not to let the chocolate grow too much or your moves will be too restricted to do anything.
Video below.
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Anonymous said...

Piece of cake: got it on the first try. There is one minor problem which is chasing us all the time: Odus...

But this level is not too hard.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

I got really close on my first try (1 jelly left but I opted not to use a lollipop hammer)... but then it took a bunch of tries to get back there again. The attempt that worked I was able to line up a vertical stripe down the center line on the last moonstruck to clear the chocolate, then set off a wrapped to clear the rest.