Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 156

Tips for level 156 Dreamworld
Try to make sure that every moves takes at least 6 candies, by making moves that cause another move. 
Doesn't matter if they're not the colours you need, but the more candies you remove the more will fall down and you'll get the colours you need.
There's only one moonstruck on move 6 and it's only one move, so if you can save a colour bomb, or better still a colour bomb/stripe combo or stripe/wrap combo, to use on move 6 you'll be a long way to completing this level.
Video below

Video By Cookie.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Cookie, you have the wrong video up :-)

Anonymous said...

Not the most easiest level, it took me 20 times. Many times the colour you need is out because of the Moonstruck. When you need that colour another 20 times you're absolutely in trouble.

The chocolate is not a frustrating issue in this level.

Odus falls of pretty soon in this one, so watch him all the time!

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

Still working this level. I have gotten down to just a few blues twice, but it took a color bomb to get there. The chocolate is annoying but manageable. Don't be afraid to break the licorice cages, even though it will release the chocolate. Better to make the area of play as big as possible for more opportunities during the Moonstruck phase.

Anonymous said...

I think this level has a glitch! I ended up with two color bombs. On my last move, I went to switch one with a blue candy. It disappeared and nothing happened to the blues on the board! WTH??? Has anyone else noticed anything funky on this level?

Joni said...

Took about 25 tries. Very very tricky. You've got to take a few chances and wait for the lucky board.

Anonymous said...

Frustrating, but finally got past it. I had Odus balancing red and blue. Got a color bomb/orange stripe early and a bunch of wrapped that went off at moonstruck, then was able to pick off the rest with the remaining moves.

Romany Melad Shehata said...

i finished Level 155 and i want pass Level 156 but i am asked to unlock the Episode to can pass ? Help Please

Ultramum said...

Not impressed with this level ... Used four lives and realised that if one of the required colours (blue, red, purple) is on odus then you have real trouble completing once moonstruck has happened cos one of the main colours will be missing.

No problem I thought ... Just restart until I get odus with a combination of green, orange or yellow ... 25 restarts later and I don't think the game is ever going to provide such a board ... :-(