Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 500

Tips for level 500 Dreamworld

You have five moonstrucks in level 500.
First: Starts on move 40 and ends on move 35
Second: Starts on move 30 and ends on move 25
Third: Starts on move 20 and ends on move 15
Fourth: Starts on move 10 and ends on move 5
Fifth: Starts on move 5 and ends on move 0
Just like normal world 500, this level you must clear one cake at a time. Clearing one cake also breaks the blocks one layer, making it much easier for you to get the ingredients out. After you've cleared one, the board opens up and you'll have more room to try and clear the other cake and bring ingredients down. Moonstruck mode should help you out in this level. 
Colour bombs and wrapped are perfect for level 500. 
Colour bombs and striped candy also help you.
Make as much combos as you can and use them. Don't forget to keep an eye on your moves and how many ingredients you have left to bring down.
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Anonymous said...

no more tips? I'm at level 555 and need help please !!

Anonymous said...

Good Work Keep it up!

its good puzzle game but i like to play Snatcher Alien- The Invasion more than candy crush.

Anonymous said...

I'm also at level 555 plus and guess what... nightmares! With less moves given, and what must be done, wow, need help!

Anonymous said...

Unless you use wrapped/strip or bombs with moonstruck, the owl will be in peril of falling. wow, this version is so tough!