Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 499

Tips for level 499 Dreamworld

You have two moonstrucks in level 499 Dreamworld.
First: Starts on move 15 and ends on move 10
Second: Starts on move 5 and ends on move 0
If you can, try and avoid the frozen wrapped candies on the left side of the board. It doesn't mean you can't release them, just avoid exploding them. 
The cake is going to help you clear a lot of the jelly. 
The best way to clear the cake  is by avoiding exploding the wrapped candies.
If you don’t, you will get exploding wrapped candies, which will make it harder to clear the cake. You’re going to need to clear a lot of the right side,
Clear enough of the right side blocks so you can clear the cake. Once you have cleared the cake, you can begin to bring the wrapped candies/bombs over to the right side. Getting the wrapped candy/bombs to the right side is essential to clearing the rest of the jelly.
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