Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 436

How to pass level 436 Dreamworld

You have four moonstucks in this level.
First: Starts on move 28 ends on move 24
Second: Starts on move 20 ends on move 16
Third: Starts on move 12 ends on move 8
Fourth: Starts on move 4 ends on move 0
In this level you must bring the ingredient down. The best option in this level is break the bricks as much as you can, break one of the cakes, once one cake is broken the hammer comes and clears off the board, when it clears the board it also removes one layer of the bricks, it makes this so much easier for you. Break the second if your ingredient isn't out by then. Be careful though as the ingredient can get stuck in a stuck zone and sometimes it's impossible to move it off to the side to fall down and out. 
Video by Jazz

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