Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 435

How to pass level 435 Dreamworld

You have three moonstrucks in this level.
First: Starts on move 28 ends on move 21
Second: Starts on move 14 ends on move 7
Third: Starts on move 0
You need to complete the orders in this level. If blue, green or orange are on the moon scale this makes the challenge more difficult as one colour is removed during moonstruck mode. Makes it almost impossible to get any of that colour. 
Video by Jazz

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Syrran said...

Why is it that the owl starts out with blue and orange on the scale and later in the game switches to red and orange????

Hunter MacLean said...

Best tip here is for the second moonstruck. If both colors on Odus are part of the ingredients you need to collect then you are pretty much hosed. Hopefully 1 of the colors is not part of the ingredients and you should focus on leaning Odus to that side because that color will be zapped during moonstruck.

So for example, if Odus is balancing on Green and Red and you don't need red candies, make sure he is tipped toward that side when moonstruck happens so your greens don't get zapped.

Hope that helps!