Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 391

Tips for level 391 Dreamworld
You need to unlock the colour bombs as quickly as possible as it's the only wbefore they count down to zero.
It may be possible to match some of the bombs but never all of them so work on clearing the cream and getting to the colour bombs.
If you can uncover 2 colour bombs next to each other you can switch them together to clear all the bombs unless you think you can get them all by using the colour bombs singly.
Once the bombs are gone just work on collecting the yellow, blue and reds you need.
Moonstruck is on move 25 and 13 with one move in each. There is a last moonstruck on the final move so it's possible that any candies you still need may be collected in that move.
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1 comment:

Ultramum said...

Been stuck on this for ages ... Seems to depend on the colours on Odus at the start ... I usually find that one colour just disappears at moonstruck and then you have no chance.