Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 382

Tips for level 382 Dreamworld
Try to uncover the strip/wrap combo in the bottom center with a vertical stripe down the middle, then you can use it to clear the licorice in the middle section as well as some in the 2 outer sections.
Then it's just a question of keeping Odus balanced while you work on removing cream and jelly.
There are 2 moonstrucks, on moves 27 and 15, so save any powerful combos for then.
There are 2 moves in each moonstruck.
Video below
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DAK4Blizzard said...

A third moonstruck was added on move 2. This level is still difficult though.

Anonymous said...

This level is impossible!

Lenora said...

Why is it when i set off the stripe wrap combo it doesnt remove any of the sides and only half the middle ones. I think King has made it harder now. i have been stuck on this level for weeks :(

Anonymous said...

Impossible. When provided stripe/wrap are detonated none of the sides are cleared and only a few from the middle. Nothing like what is in the video. Please fix King or I wont be continuing.

Anonymous said...

Impossible. Detonating.the provided wrap/stripe doesnt.clear the sides like it does in the video.

kluckitblog said...

Agree with the comments. I was able to get within one move using color bomb - striped candy combos but lost all my free boosters from re-installing due to FB connect issues. The color-bomb/striped combos seem to be the best bet since the striped/wrapped doesn't work as advertised.