Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 241

Tips for level 241 Dreamworld
Moonstruck is on move 21 and there are 5 moves
There may be a second moonstruck, possibly on move 6.
Video below.
Video by Cookie
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Anonymous said...

No comments here? Wow! This level is going to take some time to pass but at least it is fun! I like the surprise candies.

Anonymous said...

This level is deceptively hard. I wound up using the lollipop hammer twice on the last jelly with 5 moves left. Odus is very tippy towards the end of the game and didn't want to risk him falling down.

Anonymous said...

why is there a moonstruck when you have 0 moves left? is there a bug in the game??

Romion said...

Dear CC. I play this game on my Mobil. But Dreamworld have a few (3 so far) which was impossible to beat with iPhone nor iPad that I had to go PC:( Please work on it so we can just stick to playing this game (all the levels) with a Mobil. Please??? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Haha. The day after I posted my comment here, I beat this level using no booster on my iPhone with 3 lives left:) Thank you, CC;)

Ultramum said...

What exactly is the point of a Moonstruck on the last move??? Deceptively hard level and Odus is very tippy ... Wary of using combos cos he usually falls off ... Also had a few levels where the on
Y possible moves are a colour that will tip him :-(

Jennifer said...

I too wonder what the point is of Moonstruck after the last move. The game always finishes before moonstruck even happens, and then when Odus does fly down, nothing happens. Seems this is a bug.