Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 181

Tips for level 181 Dreamworld
Remember level 181 in the normal game?? Well here it is again but with Odus balancing on his moon!
The same tactics will clear this level, stripe/wrap combos as many times as you can.
There are 2 moonstruck modes in level 181, the first is on move 26 and the second on move 6.
There are 5 moves in each moonstruck so gives you a chance to blast those cream blocks and get the ingredients down. Colour bombs won't do much good here, even matched with a stripe so don't waste moves making them if you can make a stripe instead.
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2nd video by Jazz


Anonymous said...

Yep, this is a real hard one.

My strategy:

First, let the cream disappear asap! Use everything you have: wrapped, stripe, use them and don't wait to let them go lower in the board, clear the board so you can create combo's.

Furthermore: horizontal stripes and combo's, combo's, combo's!

Whenever your have a wrapped/stripe combos, count the number of colours in the board that will disappear and if it looks 'safe' for Odus so stay on it's perch, give it a go!

Odus is not this bad in this level, he is quite stable.

Well, save as lot of stripes for the Moonstruck, and if you have a coulour bomb, you use with a stripe on Moonstruck.

Remember, work on the block under the fruit first: when you have a coulour bomb and stripe and the colour is under the fruit, it will help you a lot (if it explodes vertical of course). I wasn't that Lucky but had god combo's at my 43 th attempt:-)

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

Really challenging level! wrap/stripe combos are the most effective. I got down to the final two merangues and I had two lollipop hammers but I was out of moves! I have played this dozens of times. I remember this level well in regular candy crush! The key is to just keep making specials. Color bomb/stripe combos only work if there are a lot of the same color in the area adjacent to the merangue. Good luck all!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Finally passed this! I realized that a wrap/stripe combo can clear the top layer of 3 rows in the tube! I was down to two single merangues in each tube. They were separated by an empty space. I positioned a wrap/stripe across from the empty space and whammo! I cleared the last remaining merangues in each tube with 2 moves left.

Joni said...

I absolutely hated this level. Took me about 9 days off and on and I finally got the lucky board. Wraps/stripes combo are very good here, but it was the final color bomb/stripe that did it for me.

Anonymous said...

Finally got it, though I admit I used a lollipop hammer to get the last square.

I like the advice above about trying to get the blocks directly under the fruits first. The idea is that once you remove them, a candy will fall in over the fruit. Then if you can get a color bomb and combine it with a stripe of the same color as the candy over the fruit, and if it becomes a vertical stripe, it will remove a layer of cream all the way down. Played this level many many many times and actually accomplished this feat on the time I passed. (Of course, even if you can do that, you'll still need the horizontal stripes to get the blocks on the other side. Really all it did was save me a lollipop hammer.)

Just lots of combos, lots of luck, and lots of perseverence.

Anonymous said...

CORRECTIONS to the posted info.
You now get moonstruck at level 26 and 6 with 5 moves each time. Will it help you solve this level? Not likely but it can't hurt. This is the hardest level in Dreamworld to this point.

Anonymous said...

Agreed - this level is ridiculously difficult!

Anonymous said...

Very difficult level with Odus falling down. Need a lucky board soon.