Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 180

Tips for level 180 Dreamworld
You have to get 3 ingredients down in 25 moves. 
The bottom 2 rows are bombs with a countdown of 21, so they have to be removed before they get to 0.
To make things even more tricky the bombs are under locked licorice which has to be removed before you can destroy them.
Obviously the aim of the game is to get the ingredients down and if you can clear a path for them before the bombs go off all good.
Since this is unlikely you have to destroy the bombs.
Moonstruck is on move 11  you get 3  moves, so if you can save a colour bomb, or a combo of some kind to use on move 11 it will help a great deal.
Unless you are very lucky or very good, you are likely to lose a few lives before you get the hang of the bombs.
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Anonymous said...

There must be some bugs in this level. I passed the level then it froze and I didn't get credit. Now my bombs counted down to zero and the game didn't end. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

I remember the similar level in candy crush. It took a wrap/stripe combo, at the bottom, to clear this. A color bomb/stripe is almost impossible to get. I haven't passed this yet but I'm still plugging away. One suggestion would be to chip away at the merangue first and foremost. If you can free the bombs, you stand a better chance of getting rid of them.

Anonymous said...

I accidently played it 2 times after another, first on my phone and when my lives were finished at 181, I ran to my PC again and picked 180 again! It was still there... haha! So, I managed to finish it 2 times after another.

I got lucky, I managed to get a wrapped/stripe combo and 2 colour bombs. Not purely luck, but most of it, with the stupid bird on the perch, it reamins a lucky shot.

Firstly focus on the blocks and don't even look at the bombs! Try to make as many combo's, stripes, colour bombs and wrapped candies as possible to use them on moonstruck. After Moonstruck it's always 'the surprise' what is left. If you're lucky, you van finish it. I got 7 moves left and over 690.000 points! So you can do it as well!

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Joni said...

I beat it after 15 or so tries. Many times nothing worked. I went for broke. Didn't worry about Moon Struck, used combos and it worked.

Anonymous said...

Correction to previous notes:
Moostruck is on MOVE 11 and lasts 3 MOVES. That said, this is still a very difficult level - I have yet to get through the bombs.

Anonymous said...

When I finally got this level, I managed to get all the ingredients down without clearing all the bombs. I guess I got lucky because when I hit moonstruck mode, I had some vertical-firing stripes, and they managed to clear the paths all the way through and let the fruit drop. Try to clear the blocking cream and the locked candy in the columns that the ingredients appear.