Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 173

Tips for level 173 Dreamworld
The first priority is getting rid of the bombs, You can either use stripes or I find it easier to match candies in the center bottom so the bombs fall out and you can match them.
Then clear the cream looking always for chances to make stripes and when you have a bit of space look carefully before every move to make a colour bomb.
A colour bomb/stripe combo, especially if you can match them on move 6, moonstruck, will give you most of the stripes you need, but it won't get all 29, you'll still have to make as many as possible seperately.
If you have a CB/stripe combo before or after moonstruck you can take a chance on matching it and Odus MAY stay on his perch, but if there are enough candies on the board for the combo to finish the level it doesn't matter if he falls off! 
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Anonymous said...

This level is a nasty one. I'm surprised there are no other comments here. Does this mean no one else is having a hard time with it, or so few people have gotten this far?!

I hope to beat this before the app version finally comes out. Ugh.

Joni said...

Took about 5 tries. Having that color bomb matched with stripe and igniting during Moonstruck sealed the deal.

Anonymous said...

Well, finally, after 3 days I managed to beat this level, using at least 60 lives. Phewwww, indeed a nasty one, again like in a lot of levels in Dreamworld, mostly based on 'good luck'.

My strategy:
Make a coulour bomb and in the mean time work on the blocks on top of the bombs. In 50% of the boards I managed to get a colour bomb in the first 10/12 moves. Than, you need to be so lucky to combine it with a stripe and hope/pray,cross your fingers that Odus stays on it's perch. At Moonstruck you need again tons of luck to get a colour bomd that is possible to match with a stripe. If you can do that, you'll beat the level.

But... it will cost you a lot of time. And, Joni, you had your lucky day, I'm sure:-)

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

I must have gotten a lucky board, because it took me about 5 tries. The suggestion to work on the corners of cream below the bombs so they drop out is good, but it's not always possible. On the time I passed, I was able to create a stripe above one of the bombs early on, and then get the other to drop down where it was easier to match. I needed 2 color bomb/stripe combos. The first one was created on the move before moonstruck, and I was just glad the moonstruck didn't set it off and it landed next to a stripe. When I set off that combo it cleared enough of the board that the cascades gave me another color bomb, which I was able to get next to a stripe in time for my final move.

History123 said...
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History123 said...

Nearly impossible level....Just makes you want to quit plating. For a public company to make these levels nearly impossible, seems like bad business model. Not even close in this one.

History123 said...
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