Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 172

Tips for level 172 Dreamworld
You need 40 each of green and yellow candies in 40 moves.
Shouldn't be too difficult normally, but with a chocolate machine in the middle and a drunken owl on the left it's not so easy.
As usual try to work in the bottom half of the board as much as possible to take advantage of cascades.
Moonstruck is on move 8 but only one move in moonstruck mode and if Odus takes away either green or yellow it makes it more difficult to get that colour back again after the moonstruck. So needs a bit of luck.
Video By Cookie.
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Anonymous said...

Cookie, the level is based on 20 moves, not 40 moves. Please correct this.

As said, this level is based on lukc, and always one of the 2 colours are being taken out of the board at Moonstruck and often barely appear anymore on the board. Not an easy level, but I got it in 3 attempts, so anyone can do this!

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

There are 21 moves for this level.
It's all luck-based, but didn't take too long to complete. I don't like the levels in Dreamworld where you need to get a certain color, because if it's one of Odus's colors, then the moonstruck will clear them and you may not get them back in time.
But this one looks worse than it is. Just make as many combos as you can.