Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 162

Tips for level 162 Dreamworld
The orders on level 162 are 10 striped candies and 3 wrapped candies. 
Not too difficult as there are only 5 colours on the board.
The problem, apart from Odus, is the 4 chocolate factories in the middle of the board.
The candies fall through the teleports from the top squares to the bottom, so if you work in the bottom you can plan your moves a bit. 
If you have trouble making wraps or stripes follow the links.
Once you've made your wraps and stripes you have to fire them off so make sure they don't get stuck with no other candy to match them with.
Moonstruck is on move 17 and you get 2 moves.
Video below.
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Anonymous said...

Easy level. I got it on the first try. Nice to have one like this mixed in every now and then!