Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 161

Tips for level 161 Dreamworld
A very annoying jelly level, the moves are very restricted.
You don't often have a choice of where to move until the locked cells are more open.
As usual try to work at the bottom if you have a choice, but normally you just have to move where you can.
Moonstruck is on move 9 and you get 3 moves so hopefully by then you gave chances to make good specials and combos.
Video below.
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Joni said...

It wasn't that difficult, but I did use a free lollipop hammer to avoid getting stuck on this one for long.

Anonymous said...

I guess I lucked out, because it only took me a few tries. I had most of the candies unlocked and the moonstruck created 2 color bombs. I used one on a non-Odus color, then combined the other with a stripe to finish it off.

KC said...

I started at the bottom (as recommended) and unlocked the candies where possible. I simply ignored Odus and played my (only) game. At moonstruck I got two color bombs. I could combine one of them with a wrapped candy but the detonation effect was in the same range of the seccond color bomb.Don't do this! Two moves to free the other jellies and one to clear the last (with one color bomb). Finished the level in one time with a higher score as the video does.Good luck!