Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 144

Tips for level 144 Dreamworld
You have to get rid of them quickly, which means matching next to the cream to let them escape so you can destroy them. Moonstruck is on move 19 and you get 3 moves, but no good to you if you still have bombs on the board as they will be on zero by then so if moonstruck doesn't take them it's game over.
There's another moonstruck on move 4 so the last 3 moves are free of odus which gives you a chance to build up the points a bit.
Video below.
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Anonymous said...

That was fun: finished the level with 221.560, just 1.560 points more than required in the first attempt. So, anyone can finish this one easily.

This level is all about luck!

Good luck from the Netherlands!
(You'll need it...)

Robadope said...

Hm. Seems to be a difference between PC and phone. Moonstruck comes within the bomb countdown on the phone..

Ultramum said...

Soooooo fed up with the bombs :-(

Still waiting for a lucky board ...

Anonymous said...

On mobile, the first moonstruck can take out the bombs that are left, even if the count reaches zero, but this does not happen on Facebook. There appears to be no moonstruck at all on the computer, as neither of the marked colours disappears if there are still bombs left (and that is when the app does not crash). This one has to be played on the phone or tablet (but there, the bird falls off his perch too often).