Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 143

Tips for level 143 Dreamworld
The focus here has to be on clearing the bomb.
Not easy since it's surrounded by many layers of cream!
If you can't clear it beofre moonstruck at move 16 you may be lucky and it may be taken away by the moonstruck. 
If not you have one move to remove it before it counts down to zero. 
Once the bomb is gone make specials and combos as much as possible. This can be a very high scoring level if you get lucky with good moonstruck modes.
There are two moonstrucks, one on move 16 and the second on move 3, but only one move in each.
Video below.
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Anonymous said...

Focus on the bomb, once you have it cleared, probably with lots of shuffles(!), it will be easy, wrapped candies kept falling at moonstruck so it was easy to finish the level with a wrapped stripe combination at the end.

As Always, you need a lot of luck to prevent Odus to fall from it's perch.

I'm finaly starting to like this Dreamworld as long as Odus does not fall with an 'unbalnce' of 3-4 candies.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Leslie said...

Okay, was feeling really lucky with a choc. bomb and blue striped candy on move 3 with 2 jelly's left with blue candies on them. I blow them and get 1,033,740 points. The wave starts for Candy Crush and bam.......the screen just sits there waving at me!!!!!!

leslie said...

So, I beat this again and only with 630,680 I held my breath until Odie left and I saw those 3 stars. Phew

Anonymous said...

If you can clear the corner creams directly below the bomb, it will slip out, making it easier to get rid of. (Easier said than done I know.)

On my winning attempt, the final moonstruck created a bunch of color bombs, and when I set one off with my last move, it created a chain reaction of explosions that added up to over 1,900,000 points. Fun level!