Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 137

Tips for level 137 Dreamworld
One of the ingredients, maybe even both, will come down one side and will have to go through the teleports to get out. The exits are in the middle 3 columns so the ingredients have to get there.
To do this you will have to clear the cream on the side the ingredient is coming down. 
With luck the second ingredient will come down from the center so will be easy to clear. 
Moonstruck is not until move 2 so if you haven't got the ingredients out by then you'll have to be very lucky to get them in the last move.
Video below.
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Wanda said...

Twice the game "froze" and the candies just kept dropping. Had to quit the game.

Anonymous said...

As always, you need luck. Odus doesn't seem to fall 'that fast' from it's perch and I finished this level at the first attempt without using the Moonstruck. Fruit came out on the right outer lane when I played this level.

Wrapped do help you a lot at this level. Pretty straight forward to me.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

Every time I play this level it freezes so that the candies keep dropping through and, if the ingredient is in that column, that drops through too and then just disappears. I've had to press the quit button for the last 10 or more times I've played it. :(

Anonymous said...

Same problem - can't get through this level so far because it freezes!

Anonymous said...

Same problem... candies just keep moving so nothing can continue. Have to close the game or refresh and restart.

Cheryl P said...

Mine froze after I got lucky and both ingredients came down the middle! So annoyed!!

KC said...

I just discovered the ultimatum Perpertuum Mobilee: play Dreamworld Level 137 and you''ll seeing it. Stones keep on falling without losing any ennergy. Super, but not for me, I also cannot make any- other move. Frustrating becouse it happens most of the time and you only can play further by (self) stopping the game. The same happens again.