Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 136

Tips for level 136 Dreamworld
The stripes are the easiest to make but the priority is opening up the playing area. While you're clearing cream and chocolate keep your eyes open for colour bombs too..
If you can make a colour bomb save it and use it on any colour on move 13. This will clear one colour then moonstruck will clear another. Only one move in moonstruck mode but should be enough.
Chances are the wraps will make themselves and the second colour bomb will be easy to make too.. 
Video below.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tough one, but possible. Odus seems not to be out of balance as fast as in other levels. This gives you chances to look and think one or 2 moves forward to work on the colour bomb.Those are hard to get, as well as the 2 wrapped ones. In other words, as the moderator is telling us, the stripes are the most easiest.

First important issue is to clean the blocks and chocolate. Vertical stripes in the beginning give you the possibility to clean the blocks/chocolate fast.

Good luck from the Netherlands!