Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 135

Tips for level 135 Dreamworld

The orders on level 135 are 6 colour bombs.. Not too difficult with only 5 colours on the board. There is chocolate in the bottom corners so look first to see if you can get rid of it in the first couple of moves. If you can't don't let it worry you too much.
Making the colour bombs isn't too difficult but the problem is setting them off without knocking Odus off his perch.
Use the colour bombs on a colour that isn't on Odus's perch or wait until moonstruck on move 14 to set them off. You only get one move in moonstruck mode so use it wisely.
Here's a page that gives great tips on 

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Anonymous said...

Normally one should finish this level pretty fast. Instructions from the moderator are clear, not a lot to ad on that.

I finished it with 2 colour bombs next to each other. Odus was screaming to me:-)

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Leslie said...

Such great tips on making color bombs! Some I always use and some I never thought of. Thank you so much for posting them. It was a pleasure to use them on this level. I think I may have gotten real lucky, too because most of my color bombs came on Moonstruck by setting off 1 and taking out a color.

Anonymous said...

Not too bad. Just concentrate on making each move count toward setting up another color bomb. The link above for advanced strategies may help with that. One technique that doesn't work so well in Dreamworld is using one color bomb to pick off a color that will set up another - that tends to knock Odus off his perch.