How Moonstruck mode works.

How do you know when Moonstruck will happen?

Each of the level guides on this blog give you a move when Moonstruck will happen.
To understand how this works and to take advantage of this information you need to look at the MOVE COUNTER at the top left of the game board. See image.
I have listed when moonstruck happens by the move which it happens ON.. So if moonstruck was about to happen it would be ON move 30 in the game shown. 
When moonstruck happens either one or two colours are removed from the board and you have between one and four moves with less colours on the board.
If there are six colours on the board on the level you're playing TWO colours will be removed on moonstruck.
If there are only five colours on the board only ONE colour will be removed.
Each level has different numbers of moves in Moonstruck mode but each level is always the same however many times you play it.

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