Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 109

Tips for level 109 Dreamworld.
The most difficult thing about this level is the bombs at the start. A well placed horizontal stripe will wipe them out easily or a stripe/wrtap combo, but save the combo until move 13 so you don't unbalance Odus.
Another good tip for mobile players is if the bombs are the same colours as the moon colours at least one will be taken out by moonstruck. So you can keep restarting the level until the bombs are the right colour.
There are 2 moonstrucks on level 109, the first is on move 13 and the second is on move 4 but there is only one move in each.


Don G said...

Any suggestions aside from the obvious???

Anonymous said...

I just got this after I don't know how many lives, total luck, keep trying to make horizontals ......eventually they'll line up with the jelly ......go for the bombs on bottom first