Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 512

Hints and tips for level 512 Dreamworld
You need to collect 6 colour bombs, 7 striped candies and 100 blue candies to complete level 512 Dreamworld.
There are 2 colour bombs and 4 striped candies already on the board frozen in marmalade.
Be careful the chocolate doesn't eat them when you uncover them, use them straight away.
You will see in the video that the player switches a colour bomb with a striped candy, I would avoid doing that as it messes up the board and can make it harder for you to make your special candies.
There are three moonstrucks to help you on level 512, they are on move 26, 16 and 6 and there are 5 moves in each, so plenty of moves to make and switch your colour bombs without worrying about Odus.
Video below by Jazz

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