Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 495

How to pass level 495 Dreamworld

You have one moonstruck in this level which starts on move 5 and ends on move 0. This level doesn't seem to have enough moves, it may take you a while to get the hang of it. First work on trying to get rid of the bombs on the right side of the board. Once you do this, one coconut wheel will unlock, You can use it to kill the other bombs or use it to break the meringue blocks. Depending how much room you have moonstruck doesn't do a lot in this level. 
Striped candies are a great way to eliminate large columns of meringues. However, be sure that they will eliminate meringues. When the meringues are eliminated, it isn't too difficult to beat the level Continue to make matches until you bring down the ingredients you need. If you have any left over coconut wheels roll them vertically to clear rows or roll them horizontally to clear whole columns. 
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DAK4Blizzard said...

This is a very difficult level -- 10 moves to bring down 6 ingredients with lots of blocks to break. Oh, and licorice. What's more, Odus is pretty sensitive. It takes 7 of a color from equilibrium to knock him off. But you don't have the luxury of moves to focus on him. If you spend moves keeping him balanced, you won't win the level anyway barring a miracle.

Focus on unlocking the coconut wheels in the right column -- they're by far your best chance to get rid of the bombs and clear enough blocks to let the ingredients through. If you can swap a coconut wheel and striped candy, your odds of winning will shoot up.

Do not worry about clearing the middle column of blocks, as ingredients won't fall into that column. Let the coconut wheels in the right column free up the coconut wheels in the left column that are trapped by licorice.

As with the other very difficult levels, be patient. You'll win eventually. Heck, you made it this far.

Purple Lady said...

This worked for me: reset until your first move unlocks the top coconut wheel on the right. Then swap it with the bomb BELOW it. This will release other wheels. Swap the 2 wheels that are left together on the right. And watch the fun! Odus may or may not survive, but you should have 3 fruits dropped. WATCH ODUS. Try to create vertical stripes to drop remaining fruits. Took several tries, but it was fun to watch even when Odus fell.

Purple Lady said...
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Anonymous said...

Great tip about the coconut wheels. Worked for me as well after 3 tries.