Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 491

How to pass level 491 Dreamworld

You have two moonstucks in this level.
First: Starts on move 18 and ends on move 11
Second: Starts on move 4 and ends on move 0.
In this level you have to bring ingredient down to the bottom. You have bombs in the middle of the board and you also have bombs up top in each corner, keep an eye on these. You have to start destroying the blocks at the bottom corner and sides. You need to try and clear out most of the blocks under the ingredients. The two ingredients are positioned right under 2 candy bomb dispensers. You don’t want to move the ingredients until you are ready to bring them down. If you move the ingredients too early, the dispensers will let out candy bombs and it is very difficult to win. All of the blocks are multi-layered so it takes a while to clear them without power-ups. Horizontal striped candies and wrapped candies are your best bet. Wrapped + wrapped candy combinations are also very effective.
Video by Jazz

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