Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 479

How to pass level 479 Dreamworld

You have two moonstrucks in this level.
First: Starts on move 22 and ends on move 20
Second: Starts on move 0
You need to collect 101 blue candy. Before you start playing, make sure the blue candy isn't under the moon scale. if it is, this could lead to not being able to pass the level.
Video by Jazz

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1 comment:

DAK4Blizzard said...

Probably true that it's harder to win if the blue candy is under the scale. I know you can win if the blue candy is under the scale after the moonstruck phase -- I did. Frankly, this level is very difficult under most conditions. It's a matter of whether you're lucky to get enough blue candies to fall.

Keep in mind there's a decent chance a given mystery candy won't be helpful -- expect only 2 of the 4 to help. There's even a small chance they'll ruthlessly produce a 5-move candy bomb.

Also note the moonstruck seems to never hit the candies in the middle, and it will not free the color bomb. The only time it could free the color bomb is if it happens to hit a striped candy placed and aimed correctly.

Keep trying for special candies and to free the color bomb via a striped candy or other color bomb.