Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 463

How to pass level 463 Dreamworld

You have one moonstruck in this level which starts on move 1 and ends on move 0. You only have 5 moves in this level. Be careful when you open the surprise candy as if it blows up Odus falls off the moon, this level can be a life stealer, but once it's all starts it's fun to watch and you don't have to do anything. 
Video by Jazz

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Anonymous said...

This level is impossible! I've been stuck on it for more than a week. With 5 moves, it is 100% luck. You must count on moonstruck to keep the explosions going, bit with so much meringue to break through, it never even gets close...sigh...

Anonymous said...

Agree with the first comment. A very disappointing level with no real skill needed, just luck. You will go through many lives. Count on the game freezing and losing a few along the way. If I had 6 moves I could have completed this level a long time ago. I refuse to BUY further mores when it appears that is what is game is intended for you to do. Frustrated!

Anonymous said...

Very easy. Took about 5 lives. Total luck.