Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 449

How to pass level 449 Dreamworld

You have one moonstruck on this level which starts on move 15 and ends on move 12. There is no chocolate fountain on this board, which means the chocolate pieces can be cleared.Whenever you get the chance, clear a chocolate piece. You need them all off the board before it spreads too much and takes over. There is jelly in the bottom left and bottom right squares. To get these you will need to make striped candy, or use striped candy with a colour bomb or a colour bomb with a wrapped. Once you get into moonstuck mode you should be able to create some special combos, use them.
Video by Jazz

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Lisa said...

I like how the second sentence is there is no chocolate fountain on this board, but yet you can clearly see one in the video at the bottom in the middle. My version on iphone has one as well....

Anonymous said...

Another reason CC pisses me off, on iPhone you start with 25 moves, moonstruck at move 4 and no chocolate bomb in the middle. Another inconsistency to get money. Practically impossible on mobile.