Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 440

How to pass level 440 Dreamworld

You have one moonstruck which starts on move 25 and ends on move 20.
This is an open board which can make the moon scale tip over  by the candies falling and making combo's. The bombs in this level count down from 49 and you have 55 moves to complete this level. I wouldn't worry too much about the bombs as you have heaps of moves to try and clear them and the jelly. Try and open the cages up before the moon struck. In moonstruck if you're lucky you will get or be able to make a colour bomb, this helps to your advantage and makes the board easier to complete. (when I played this level I had no Odus on my board)
Video by Jazz

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DAK4Blizzard said...

This level can be deceptively tricky, in that you need to make 30 moves before the moonstruck occurs. In that span, the board can become pretty loaded with a given color that would make Odus fall off his perch. Concentrate on keeping Odus balanced, and the moonstruck should reward you well. There's a good chance you'll be able to complete the level by the end of moonstruck.