Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 424

How to pass level 424 Dreamworld

You have two Moonstucks in this level, both have one move each. The first is on move 25 ends on 24 the last is on move 9 ends on 8.

The best option for you is to destroy the cake bombs as soon as possible. Then, work on removing the icing at the top, as the jelly under this is the most difficult to reach.  
Video by Jazz

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DAK4Blizzard said...

The first moonstruck is on move 26. The second moonstruck is on move 10. Each moonstruck lasts just 1 move.

Plus, you do have to worry about Odus on moves 25 and 9 if you clear the cakes on those moves. On those moves, he will return to his perch (i.e. the moonstruck will end) before the board is cleared. Very annoying, as usual.