Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 419

Tips for level 419 Dreamworld
You need to collect 100 yellow candies, 5 colour bombs and 10 wrapped candies to complete level 419.
First you need to open up the board by clearing the cream blockers as best you can. The biggest problem on level 419 is the lack of space at the beginning which means you often have to make moves which will unseat Odus because there is no other move available.
See if you can get a colour bomb during the first moonstruck, but don't worry too much about the wraps and yellows, providing yellow isn't a moon colour you will get them easily during the second moonstruck and the wraps will also make themselves.
With luck some colour bombs will also be made during the cascades on the second moonstruck and you may only have to make one or two if you'r unlucky.
Moonstrucks are on move 21 and move 4 and there are 2 moves in each.
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Zenith said...

Struggling with this level, I can get all the wrapped candies or all the yellows occasionally but haven't come close to getting all the colour bombs needed.

Ultramum said...

Nightmare level ... if Odus doesn't fall off then no way can I get all the colour bombs or wraps although I have got all the yellows a couple of times. The ? candies always seem to turn into chocolate that I can't control :-((

Anonymous said...

Play Dreamworld when I run out of levels on the other CC so I have been on this level for a couple of months. Finally passed it tonight and it probably happened because of a lucky board. I tried to make a lot of combinations which took out a lot of candy and replaced it with yellows, always hoping that owl didn't fall. I played this on my iPad and used the check mark booster that I won. Good luck! Doesn't seem that many are playing Dreamworld.