Candy crush Saga Dreamworld level 417

Tips for level 417 Dreamworld

Open up and use the two coconut wheels on the left as soon as possible, move them vertically so they shoot 3 stripes across to the right to clear some cream.
Before you use them make sure there are 3 candies under them so that you get the full benefit, if there are cyclones or dead spaces you won't get a stripe...
Then concentrate on making horozontal stripes and strip/wrap combos.

The coconut wheel on the right can be used horizontally to clear cream below it and open the way for the ingredients. Again ensure there are candies beside the coconut wheel so you get full benefit
A stripe/wrap combo will clear loads of cream and also knock out the cyclones, giving you more chance to make good moves.

More tips.

You have 3 ingredients to bring down the entire left column and then over to the right hand column that is filled with 4 and 5 hit blocks. All of the 6 cyclones are over on the right side initially, but shoot over everywhere, so try to move the ingredients down and shoot a few horizontal striped candies over to help clear out more. You are given 3 coconut wheels, 2 on the left and one on the right, the 2 on the left should be used vertically should use vertically right at the beginning before you lose them to plow through some of the blocks at the top to make room for the ingredients once you are ready to bring them over, 

The one on the left should be use horizontally to clear more cream blockers. Hopefully all these coconut wheels should knock out the toffee tornadoes.

Moonstruck is on move 23 and 3 and there are 2 moves.
Video below

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