Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 409

Tips for level 409 Dreamworld
There are two ways to clear this level.
The first is to break both cakes while at the same time moving the fruit across to each side  whenever a chance appears. 
The second method is to move both the fruits to the same side and then it's only necessary to break one cake to get it down.
Moonstrucks on move 29 & 9 and there are 2 moves in each.
Video below
Video by Jazz, no boosters


Anonymous said...

Just completed this level. It took me at least 2 weeks. My main problem was trying to get the ingredients across to the right columns to fall through. When I did, I couldn't blow up the cake and when I couldn't move them across the cake blew up. It was driving me nuts but finally did it with no boosters. Glad to see the back of that one.

DAK4Blizzard said...

Moonstruck is occurring on moves 28 and 8. It's 2 moves each. And it's too bad it isn't more.

Don't be fooled by the high number of moves you're given. The middle columns are essentially out of your hands -- they're impossible to control most of the time.

Odus is pretty sensitive. I'm not sure if the threshold is 7 or 8 candies; I just know it's one too many for my liking to send him off the edge. It's certainly enough to divert your attention to him rather than moving the fruit over and creating certain special candies.

Color bombs are not necessarily your friend if you create/use them outside a moonstruck. At such time, your fate lies in the middle columns, which can randomly create combos knocking Odus off the edge.

Because the middle columns are so sensitive to movement, it is mostly a matter of luck to move each fruit over 2 spaces. This is a level you should consider using a free switch to get the fruit over a cake that you're pretty confident will be broken.

Anonymous said...

this was a terrible level - i think I was on it for about three weeks. all I can say is after every move keep checking to see if you can slide the pieces over to the outer columns because you won't get many chances - finally passed and glad to be done with this level

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do the ingredients keep disappearing for anyone else. If they go off the bottom in the wrong column they don't always reappear at the top. Is this a glitch as the level is hard enough without that happening

luckylau said...

This level is driving me to drink...The fruit seems to disappeare every now and then,and I cant move the fruit over. ..If I do then Odus falls off the moon...The combos don't help, go thru lives way to quick..getting bored...