Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 395

Tips for level 395 Dreamworld

The biggest problem on level 395 is not getting all the ingredients down, that's pretty simple, it's keeping the bird on his perch!
Odus is a bit drunk on this level and falls off without much provocation and as there are only 5 colours on the board cascades are inevitable.

Try to play carefully, saving up any specials and powerful combos until move 21 when you will get your first moonstruck, then you have one move to do as much damage as possible and get the way clear for the ingredients.
Don't ever be tempted to move the ingredients towards the middle of the board or you will have to move them back over the exits. 
Moonstrucks are on move 21 and 10. There may be a third moonstruck but I never got that far before getting all the fruit down. There is only one moonstruck move.
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Anonymous said...

Your first statement is wrong, after a few dozen tries, Odus is quite manageable. The main problem is how frequently ingredients appear!They are very scarce, and in a worse case scenario where you can't sink an ingredient every 4 or less moves, it's impossible. Even with a bunch of cascades on a moonstruck, at most you'll get rid of 3 ingredients. This level totally wastes boosters, only extreme luck can get past it.