Candy Crush Dreamworld level 400

Tips for level 400 Dreamworld
You need 20 colour bombs and have 14 already on the board, so all you need to do is make and use 6 more.
Avoid making stripes as they will cause your existing colour bombs to explode when you don't want them to, but wraps are good.
The best , and easiest, way to complete level 400 and also have some fun, is to have a wrap waiting next to a colour bomb and switch then on move 27.
This will cause 2 colours to be removed, then moonstruck will take another and the fun should begin!
With a bit of luck all your remaining colour bombs should make themselves and complete the game for you giving a good score.
In case that doesn't happen there is a second moonstruck on move 6. There are 2 moves in each moonstruck.
Video below.
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