Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 386

Tips for level 386 Dreamworld
You have 15 moves on the locked bombs in the bottom of the board, so you need to get down into them within those moves or it's game over.
Colour bomb/stripe combos on move 26 are good, especially if there are a lot of the stripe colour on the board.
That is a risky strategy though as there are not many moves left if you miss any.
Best to go for stripe, wraps and stripe/wrap combos to unlock and destroy the bombs as soon as possible.
Once the bombs are gone you just need as many combos as possible to destroy the remaining cream blockers and jelly.
Moonstruck is on move 26 with a second on move 16 and there is one move in each.
Video below

2nd Video by Jazz


Anonymous said...

So bored on this one, nearly impossible, you need soooooooo much luck! Odus is very unstable and very often, when you have the luck that you can have something exploded in the down area, it is a chocolate bomb that fills the whole board that you can't reach with chocolate. Dreamworld is not so much fun to me anymore...

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Hunter MacLean said...

Talk about a lucky break. I wonder if this level is easier on Facebook.