CandyCrush Dreamworld Level 331

Tips to help you pass level 331 Dreamworld
There are 2 coconut wheels provided on level 331, once you get them unfrozen make sure you move either up or down, which will make sideways stripes and clear three rows of candies from under the fruit.
If you can swith the wheels with a stripe better still, as you'll get a whole column of stripes and get at least one fruit out of the bottom.
Sideways stripes and stripe/wrap combos are the best for releasing the fruit, but a colour bomb/stripe will also work well. Vertical stripes on their own are not much use.
Don't worry too much about the chocolate growing, it doesn't really matter whether it's candies or chocolate under the fruit, it will clear justr as easily.
There are 3 moonstrucks on level 331. They are on move 37, 25 and 13 and there are 2 moves in each.
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