Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 374

Tips for level 374 Dreamworld
You can play to pass this level with a reasonable score, or you can go for a high score and high risk!
To play carefully just try to get as many purple candies as you can before you clear the cake, then once the cake is gone carefully collect the rest of the purples. It isn't difficult as long as you can keep Odus balanced.
To go for a high score and risk unseating the owl clear the cake as quickly as you can, then look for colour bomb patterns.
Colour bomb/wrap combos are best for high scores, but also most likely to unbalance the owl.
You will lose a few lives going for a high score, but you'll have a lot of fun too.
Moonstruck is on move 35 and there are 2 moves.
There may be another moonstruck but I never got that far.. Either the owl falls off or I complete the game too early.
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