Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 365

Tips to help myou pass level 365 Dreamworld
The hardest thing on this level is keeping Odus balanced.
The other problem is that the orders are 100 each of blue and green candies.
If you're VERY lucky one of the colours won't be taken away on moonstruck, but usually they are, which means you are left, usually, with more than 40 of one colour to collect after the moonstruck.
If either blue or green is taken away it seems to take several moves for them to start falling in any numbers after moonstruck so quite hard.
If you are lucky and both colours are left behnd you should be able to get cascades going using colour bombs and collect most, if not all, the candies you need.
Moonstruck is on move 26 and there are 5 moves.
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kingken60 said...

I have finished every level of moonstruck! yay! 8/10/2014 kingken60

Anonymous said...

Pretty tricky this one...