Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 337

How to pass level 337 Dreamworld
To begin with you need to clear some cream to give you an area to work in..  DO NOT move the ingredients sideways unless you are confident you will be able to get them back in the correct column to exit.
Once you get some space work on making specials and combos.. The first moonstruck is on move 27 so try to have something to set off a cascade and clear some more cream. There are 6 moves so a good chance to do some damage.
The second moonstruck is on move 7 so try to have a colour bomb waiting. This will start off a cascade which should get most of the blockers left and hopefuylly you'll be able to get the ingredients down fairly easily.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

If the fruit starts in the far right you are screwed.

Ultramum said...